Personalized guided tour

Discover Ravenna your way

Among Casa Gugù‘s offerings, a guided tour of the sites in Ravenna is certainly not to be missed. You can have a guide tailored to your preferences, choosing the locations and duration, or selecting from the proposed itineraries.

Sunset Boat Trip

Aperitif with Flamingos

Among Casa Gugù‘s experiences, you definitely shouldn’t miss the boat trip to the Baiona lagoon (near Ravenna), where, once you reach the scenic viewpoint, you can enjoy a sunset aperitif while observing the flamingos.

Tasting Aperitif at ‘Buon Pastore’

Directly from the producer

Casa Gugù collaborates closely with Buon Pastore Dairy Farm in Sant’Alberto, located just a few kilometers from Ravenna. Here, you can book a tasting of Buon Pastore Dairy Farm’s dairy products paired with the excellent wines from Tenute Tozzi, situated on the Romagna Chalk Vein.